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Eve since Taylors college was established in  Melbourne back in 1920 .The vision was followed: that education is the key to future success in life. Education delivered life-long returns. This philosophy ,combined with expertise ,has allowed lead it into Australia’s leading university preparation establishment .Taylors 2

The aim is simple: to enable its students to enter the degree program they choose ,at the university of their choice ,so that they can have the career they want .Practical ,results –oriented programs are designed around the student, for the student in a unique ,personalized approach to education.

Their child will be carefully guided to the achievement of his or her goals through a supportive environment of teaching excellence, individual mentoring and shared success.

Taylors College Foundation Programs are unique ,dedicated pathways to three of Australia’s prestigious GROUP OF EIGHT universities – Monash university ,the University of Sydney and The University of Western Australia.

Official Website : https://www.taylorssydney.edu.au/how-to-apply/find-an-agent

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